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The many other services offered by My Web Minder

The many other services offered by My Web Minder

There are many services offered by My Web Minder including site administration, search engine friendly optimisation, search campaigns, quality assurance, code peer review, email marketing, vulnerability scanning, design and development.

Site administration

Unlike web minding, our site administration service is about keeping your website up to date. You provide the content or description of the website content you want changed on your website and we will perform that action for you. This can be a static website or using a content management system such as WordPress or Joomla. Site administration only includes content changes although that can include graphical content as well; it does not include design or development changes.

Each site will require a different level of content administration over time and so the number and frequency of changes will affect how much you pay. Payments can be made annually in advance, monthly by direct debit or we can work on a pay as you go basis for sites that have infrequent modifications. Just contact us with your requirements and we'll give you a free no obligation quote with the various options.

Search engine friendly optimisation

Optimising your site so that it is friendly for both humans and search engines is quite hard to do. Unlike search engine optimisation (SEO) that other companies offer, we take great care in balancing what a search engine needs to rank your site high up on its search results and the needs of the human visitor to your website.

Our search engine friendly optimisation (SEFO) service takes place over a minimum of three months where we look at your site from a customer's experience right down to what search engines most value. We never engage in any bad practices so there is no need to worry when search engines change their ranking algorithms.

SEFO (or SEO) aims to improve your result in the organic search engine rankings (that is the normal unpaid for service that search engines operate). If you want us to we can also manage your search campaigns (the paid for rankings). The cost of search engine marketing (SEM) will depend on the type of campaign, your target audience and your budget. SEM does not require SEO/SEFO although well-structured pages will definitely help increase your quality score and lower the costs in a pay-per-click campaign. You set an amount as a cap on spending and all payments are monthly in advance.

Email marketing

We offer an email marketing self-service. Use our email marketer application to prepare your email campaigns, send them and monitor their success. Full management statistics, subscribe/unsubscribes forms and even event registrations or surveys all in one package.

Before you send any mail you should spam check it. Our software provides a comprehensive spam checker as we'll as mail client design checking so you can see how your email appears to others. If you just want to do a quick and crude check against the top 1,000 spammy words then use paste your text into the box below and see whether your email is likely to be identified as spam.

Email spam checker

Paste the text of your email in the box below and have it spam checked for free (please note that spam filters are much more complex than this simple checker so there is no guarantee your email won't be identified as spam even if it passes this test). The results appear below the box.

Quality assurance

If you have a new website or application (either online of offline) built for you then you might want to take advantage of our quality assurance testing. This will give you peace of mind that your application/website has been thoroughly tested before you go into production.

Quality assurance testing is based on a test plan that usually comes from the set of requirements that you gave the developer of the site/application. If you don't already have a test plan then we can create one for you. There are many different types of testing (feature testing, load testing, boundary testing, failure testing and regression testing) and we'll include the right mix to suit the application/website being checked.

If you would like us to, we also offer a code peer review service where we can rate the quality of the code based on best working practices and its future maintainability.

Vulnerability scanning

We offer a security vulnerability audit of your website which includes a vulnerability report with recommendations for only £450. If any remediation work is required then as long as you have undertaken the work within 30 days of the initial report, we will do a retest of your site for free as part of the service.

If you have purchased our vulnerability scanning and it had uncovered website security vulnerabilities then we can offer an additional service to help you fix the problems on your website or within your hosting environment. This work is based on how long it takes to fix. Details will be provided with your report.

We will also be introducing security vulnerability monitoring in the near future where you will be alerted for any new vulnerabilities that are found to affect your website. Come back soon for more details.

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